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Our 2001-2002 show is a dipiction of the plight of the israelite's transition from bondage into freedom. the sotry is set at the dawn of the last day of slavery with the sounding of the shofar. A trumpet signifies daybreak and the start of another mundane listless, and tiring workday. These frustated and oppresed slaves reach the summit of the exaspirations though the 2nd song The Barbarian Horde. the blinding color of red is prevalent though the screaming horns, driving brass, and fast paced marching. At the climate of the slaves anguish, the music takes an ironic twist into an eerie quiet and slow moving trombone choir as it catapults the scene to the now freed slaves standing before the red sea. Moses, Drum major Nathan harris, stands at the top of the cliff and with his rod smites the ground, thereby opening the passageway for the israelites to pass.

Kim Archer
Shane porter
Let my People go
Kim Archer
When you believe/Hashira
Kim Archer
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