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October 27.2001
Cape Coral Competition

Report Time/ Polishing Party~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~8:45 AM
Full Dress Rehersal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~9:15
Lunch (on your own) No students are allowed to leave campus at all~~~~~~~~~~~~~11:15
Showers open/prep for Inspection~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~12:00 PM
Load Buses~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1:30
Departure (no exceptions)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2:00
Arrive at John I. Leonard~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5:00
Watch Competition (light snack)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5:15
Get dressed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5:45
Warm Up~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~6:00
Performance time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7:15
Depart for Home~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~10:00
Arrive at CR (all instruments MUST be neatly packed away and room in order before students are dismissed)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1:00 AM

Things to Bring
*a good attitude
Black shorts
under the uniform T-Shirt
White Tanktop under shirt
band Hat
Long Black sleeve shirt
Black Nylon Socks
Black Marching Pants
Black Goves (X2 for Woodwinds)
Band Bag
Slide/valve oil
Snacks for the bus ride

Things not to Bring
a bad attitude
styrofoam coolers
Large stereo's (CD players and personal listening devices allowed, must have headphones)
illegal substances such as Drugs,alcohol, Weapons
Make-up of any sorts (girls)
Men: must have clean chaven faces