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Sterling B. Jones
Music and Marching instructor
          I'm a 1998 Graduate of Homestead Senior High; I participated in each ensemble within the band program while attending school there. (Daryl Clark was my Director of Bands while I was there also from 1994-1998) Currently I'm pursuing an Associate in Arts degree in Music Education at Miami-Dade Community College Kendall Campus, in the Music Dept. I've played in the Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Music Brass Ensemble, and the Jazz Workshop while there. I plan on completing my A.A in December 2001, after that I plan to transfer to either Florida State University or the University of South Florida in the spring of 2002 to work on my Bachelors in Music Ed. My primary instrument is the Trombone, and I play Euphonium also on the side. I've worked part time in the ER at Baptist Hospital since 1998.
           I've been working with the "Reef" since 1999 as a Music / Brass Instructor and Marching Tech! I've enjoyed just about every moment working here. It's been very gratifying to watch these young talented musicians come from mediocre to extraordinaire in such a short period of time (Oh, and you all still SUCK). It just goes to show when you Cuda Band members listen to your director and the instructors and work hard you guys can excel at just about anything you do.
Go "CUDAS"!!!